La nostalgie des 90s Kid


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Another article on PokemonGo everyone!

First and foremost, it is important to portray PokemonGo intense success as a nostalgic phenomenon, because most of the players are 90s kids.

Of course, non-90s kids are playing this as well but we have an history with this game compared to others. We can all do that #TbtToPokemonCards #BettertThanPokemonGo. Hmmm… not so sure about the second hashtag, I might be the only one who did it on instagram ! (@mysocialinterests) However, that throwback Thursday must have been highly used. Maybe we forgot? Or lost the cards? Probably…

Here are 5 reasons why PokemonGo is our 21st-century nostalgic phenomenon:

1.  Virtual Reality

PokemonGo is the evolution of the Pokemon’s cards which I still have with me. It is a brilliant idea that demonstrates and confirms in what kind of way our society is improving. This game is getting very intense, people are obsessed and almost have no limits when it comes to PokemonGo !

2. Multi Player game

The multi player option is wonderful because you get to play with your friends and to meet new people.

3. Collection Game

It is very interesting to come to realize that PokemonGo has a very collection’s aspect. You have to get Pokemons in different PokeStops. After, you get the opportunity to bring your Pokemons in Gyms in order for them to train more and become stronger.

People just love gaining things, knowing that its theirs and fight for it !

4. Accessible platform

Would you buy a PlayStation or an Xbox just to play PokemonGo ? I mean probably some would… but would this game be as successful as it is today, if it wasn’t accessible on your phones ? I personally won’t buy a brand new game console for PokemonGo #Sorry !

5. Fun Physical activities

People are lazy ! What an awesome and fun way to exercise while meeting hotties who have the same #socialinterests as you !

Finally, you might as well ask yourself if I ever played the game ! Honestly, I have not !!!

I have simply been a sociologist by asking around to people who do. Will I try it ? I must mention that I just got myself an Android platform….only time will tell ! I am very passionate about the improvement of our virtual environment during that 21st century of ours…

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