Learn how to submit your podcast on Google

There are tons of advantages to connecting your blog with a podcast. It increases blog traffic and also helps you reach customers that are highly converting. When it comes to running a podcast, it is always recommended to make use of famous podcasting channels such as Spotify, Stitcher, and Tune-In along with many others! Today we are going to talk about one of the most famous Podcast directories, which is Google Podcast! 

As we know Google is a well-known and very good search engine for all types of content. If you are running a podcast then submitting it to Google will definitely uplift your chances of being seen.

Let us shed light on the benefits of submitting your Google, and how you can do that. So, let us get started!

how to use Google podcast

Benefits of submitting a podcast to Google

Starting your podcast is very beneficial for both personal and agency websites; imagine if you could link it with a famous podcasting directory. This will amazingly boost exposure; let us find out 3 major benefits.

Higher Exposure level:

The first major benefit is the distribution power of Google; it is a huge distribution channel, and on top of that, it is free of cost. With the help of Google Podcast, you will be exposing your voice to millions of people. 

Thousands of people may search for your podcast, and if it exists on Google, you will be found.

Better Optimization level:

When you use Google podcasts, your visibility increases considerably. People from all over the web will start to find you using several keywords, and Google will uplift your podcast if it exists on their platform.

Also, you will not have to take care of SEO optimization as much as compared to any other platform. 

If your podcast is available on your blog only, then solely you are responsible to take care of on-page. However, if it exists on Google, then this is done for you. 

Analytics from Google:

Last but definitely not the least benefit of Google podcast is getting a bird’s eye view of analytical data. You get powerful insight directly from Google, which not only tells you the current standing of your podcast but also gives you an opportunity to improve it. Let us find out how you can submit podcasts to Google.

How to submit your podcast to Google

Google podcast channel

Submitting a podcast to Google is quite straightforward and easy. It is just a series of easy steps. So follow along.

First you need to visit Google Play Podcast and sign in to your Google account. There you will find an “Add a podcast” button, click on it. After that, you need to submit the RSS feed URL of your podcast.

Note: There are multiple tools available to get an RSS feed, such as Buzz-Sprout. You can use any podcast hosting that suits you the most. Just make sure to grab the RSS feed URL.

Once you have your podcast RSS feed URL, submit it to the RSS feed on Google. You need to have at least one podcast published before you submit it to Google.

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You will also need to verify ownership, you can use email in the RSS feed, just go to your email, copy the code that Google sent you, paste it into the verification section, and that is about it.

After verification of ownership, you can check your podcast and publish it. You may get quality warnings, such as; a low-resolution podcast image warning or a warning for missing out on something. But that is completely normal, and you can fix it right away.
After completing all steps here, publish your podcast and wait for the approval. Congratulations, you have successfully added a podcast to Google. That is how easy it was.

how to use Google podcast

Submitting your podcast to Google is definitely worth it, it is a free platform, and there is no way you should not utilize it. 

It may take a while till it gets approved, but the wait is worth it. Make sure the quality of your podcast is super, it will increase its chances of getting approved fast.

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