Nowhere is home: Season 1- short story #2- Game Changer

In short story #1,  you demonstrated how many people’s life, including their values, rules and traditions are already planned. It has been really difficult for you to understand how much of a struggle it is to fight against society’s imagination. Moreover, deciding to be yourself has been portrayed as a rebellion act because you decided out of nowhere to go your way.

It seemed like you wanted to be a game-changer. You were all motivated to modify the rules and to include some that favors your category. How is that working for you?


Not so well it looks like.

You are sleeping for days. You are waking up when you can, even though you have obligations. You can’t follow rules. Does that mean you are the real definition of a rebel or simply that you are tired of fighting. Or, maybe you realize that you are not focusing on the good battle.

People are dying because of lack of water. Others are struggling with waking up in war zones while you are slowly killing your soul internally because you want to fit in the unknown. You are allowing yourself to have an identity crisis.

Are you out of your mind?  

Are you OK?

Are you taking care of yourself?

It seems like you are unable to do it on your own.

After, experiencing all these microaggressions. In relationships. In professional environments. At school. Between group of friends. Long time friends. From the same culture as you and from different ones. You are living in a vicious circle and you do not see your way out. You are letting the wind controlling your path and destination.

When are you going to take control and start acting?

Are you able to. This is what game changer means. Changing the game. Making things better for you.

Are you winning?

You are wrong. You are losing. People are assaulting you. You are weak.

You chose to fit in the unknown. To fit in a world you have never seen before. Then, you need to assume all challenges that come with it. It will never be pink. Mommy & Daddy will not help you. It is your choice. And, you are losing.

Will you go home. Where you were comfortable?

You are trying to go see what is out there when home is safe. Think again. Take time. Know your worth. Why destroying everything you learned. Everything they taught you. To rebuild yourself.

Aren’t you satisfied with what you see in the mirror? You know what they say, the ones who love you know best. Is it true?

I believe you will tell me that nowhere is home now.