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Increasing your customer base & online business growth​

Online business growth is important, whether you are a start-up, a small business or self-employed. Online marketing is a great way of getting your products marketed and increasing sales without a heavy investment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy used to help you grow your online business. MSI Digital can help you get your SEO online marketing strategy running and increase your customer base. Here’s how.

Business Growth consulting Firm In Montreal

MSI Digital is an online business growth consulting firm based in Montreal. We offer business growth consulting and coaching services to businesses in Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs who do business online optimize their digital processes to increase their sales and revenues.

Get your existing leads and customers to increase sales, website visits, and ranking with our SEO services by MSI Digital.

Imagine a World Where Your Online Business Is Not Just Surviving, But Thriving

A world where your products or services are reaching the right audience, your website traffic is booming, and your sales are skyrocketing. This is the transformation we aim to bring about at My Social Interests.

Growing Your Online Business

Means transforming passion into profit

Growing Your Online Business

Means transforming passion into profit

And Transforming Passion Into Profit

Means bringing value to your customers

And Transforming Passion Into Profit

Means bringing value to your customers

What's In Our Online Business Growth Package

✔ Business Plan Detailed Template
Business Plan Growth Strategy
Product/Service Packaging And Pricing
Market Research Questionnaire Template
Market Research Strategy Building
Website Building
Technical and SEO Website Quarterly Reports

We ensure thorough consideration of every aspect of online marketing. From detailed business planning to growth strategies, our services cover it all.

Our expertise extends to website development, technical support, and SEO optimization, with quarterly reports to track performance.

Buckle Up If You Want Results Like This!

Anyone with an online business can have a website, but does any of them know how to bring more traffic to it and convert it into sales?

Without A Clear Online Business Strategy You Have Been Experiencing...

Lack of Clear Business Plan And Growth Strategy

Without a clear plan and strategy, it's difficult to know where to focus your efforts or how to achieve your business goals.​

Difficulty Packaging And Pricing Products Or Services​

Determining how to package and price your products or services can be complex and confusing.​

Ineffective Market Research​

Without effective market research, you may not fully understand your target market or how to reach them.​

Poor Website Performance And SEO​

If your website isn't user-friendly and optimized for search engines, you're likely missing out on potential customers.​

Lack of Technical Support And Regular Reporting

Without regular reports on your website's performance and SEO, it's difficult to track progress or identify areas for improvement.​

Struggling With Content Creation​

You understand the importance of high-quality, SEO-friendly content, but creating such content consistently can be time-consuming and challenging. You're unsure of what topics to cover, how to optimize your content for search engines, or how to engage your audience effectively.​

Lack of Technical Support And Regular ReportingaWe're here to help you overcome these challenges and transform your online business. Let's embark on this transformation journey together.

Anyone Can Become an Online Business Owner But, Not Anyone Can Succeed The Right Way

Right now you are experiencing the following:

1-You're struggling to attract and retain customers.

2-Your website isn't generating the traffic you hoped for, and your sales are stagnant.

3-You're unsure of how to effectively price your products or services, and your market research efforts feel scattered and unproductive.

4-You're overwhelmed with the technical aspects of SEO and website management.

5-You're in need of a clear, detailed business plan and growth strategy, but don't know where to start.

enterprise SEO

With our comprehensive suite of services, your online business is transformed.

1-You have a clear, detailed business plan and a robust growth strategy.

2-Your products or services are attractively packaged and priced to maximize profits.

3-Your market research is targeted and effective, providing valuable insights about your customers.

4-Your website is professional, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines, attracting high volumes of traffic.

5-You receive regular, detailed reports on your website's technical performance and SEO, allowing you to track progress and make informed decisions.

6-Your customer base is growing, your online visibility is soaring, and your sales are booming.

The Advantages of Hiring MSI Digital

The Secret of an online business success is a high ranking in the Google search engine for the keywords related to the products or services. MSI Digital helps businesses down under rise above their competitors.

These days, distance doesn't have to be a barrier to your business success. MSI Digital can prove that by giving you the best tools and coaching to achieve the business growth you deserve and expect, wherever you are.

Learn more about how to grow your business with online marketing​

If you want an online business growth, MSI Digital is here to help​

What You Will Get Once You Get The Online Business Growth Service (OBGS)​

Develop A Comprehensive Business Plan​

We'll work with you to create a detailed business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and measures of success. This plan will serve as a roadmap for your business, providing clear direction and focus.

Implement A Growth Strategy​

We'll help you develop and implement a robust growth strategy that aligns with your business goals. This strategy will include specific tactics for attracting and retaining customers, increasing sales, and expanding your market share.

Optimize Product Packaging And Pricing​

We'll assist you in packaging your products or services in a way that appeals to your target market. Additionally, we'll help you determine the optimal pricing strategy to maximize profits and ensure competitiveness in your market.

Conduct Effective Market Research​

We'll provide a market research questionnaire template and help you build a market research strategy. This will enable you to gather valuable insights about your target market and make data-driven decisions.

Improve Website Performance And SEO​

We'll optimize your website to be user-friendly and search engine friendly. This includes improving site speed, enhancing user experience, and implementing effective SEO strategies to improve your site's ranking in search engine results.

Create A Content Strategy​

We'll help you develop a content strategy that engages your target audience and drives traffic to your website. This includes determining what topics to cover, how to optimize your content for search engines, and how to effectively engage your audience.

Provide Regular Technical Support And Reporting​

We'll offer ongoing technical support to ensure your website runs smoothly. Additionally, we'll provide regular reports on your website's technical performance and SEO, allowing you to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Customers reviews

What people say?

"She asked me great questions and provided solutions to exact issues I was having. I was able to expand my business and to reach more prospects with her strategy. MSI digital is the perfect solution for you if you’re looking to do be easily found on Google search, to know exact keywords and what content to use on your website."
Benas Passilis
Online Business Owner
"They did a total review of my website and made it up to date to serve the purpose of my coaching business. They worked on my sales pages and my SEO with great professionalism. I totally recommend their services to any business owner and I plan to continue working with them on my other digital projects."​​
Régine Coicou​​
Love Coach
Small business Canada

Online Business Growth Package

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