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We love positive vibes for social issues: personal essays about a social experience which shapes you into the person you are today, social experiences you are living to this day, advice pieces to inform others on different lifestyles. Please see our following categories:

  1. News
  2. Observations
  3. Lifestyle: Foodgasms and health & fitness
  4. Education: History, Economy & Children
  5. Entertainment: Art, Fashion & Travel
  6. Stereotypes: Relationship, Gender & Race.

Any category must have a social aspect included. Please read below for more explanations.

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  • Foodgasms:¬†Focusing on social & cultural meaning ¬†can be expressed through promoting a cultural restaurant while providing cultural recipes.
  • Health & Fitness: The social & cultural aspect can be expressed in this category by explaining diverse people’ health & fitness daily routines or your governmental health system.
  • Education:¬†You could develop an ideal education system you believe would be best or simply explain how your education system is while comparing it to other ones. Any social issues on education could be brought up either from the past or today.
  • History:¬†We love ancient civilizations; research can be done online or through books. This category is to express how our society or others were in the past. It can be compared with the society of today
  • Economy:¬†With our capitalist system, I think there is enough to say ! Comparisons with other types of economic system can be very interesting.
  • Entertainment: It means night-life and social activities which is our daily routine ! This category is very fun. You can also talk about music (the history, the movements, the meaning, etc.)
  • Art:¬†Since we like ancient civilizations we couldn’t not like artsy stuff. Just going to museums, talking about artists and commenting on it is great enough.
  • Fashion:¬†If you cannot see anything social in this category then there is a problem right there. Dressing up as a¬†feminine & masculine person is learned through society, values and many other social reasons. This is an incredible category since today these definitions are slightly or amazingly changing.
  • Travel:¬†Please let us know about your experiences on anywhere you go or would want to. This category can be done as a simple testimonial ūüôā
  • Stereotypes:¬†The word speaks for itself. Any social issue that bothers you, bring it on!
  • Relationships:¬†There are several facets a couple could have in the entire world. We want to understand them.
  • Gender:¬†If you are for equal rights, this category is yours !
  • Race:¬†Should we talk about race nowadays¬†? If your answer is No, come on board !
  • University papers: Keep your¬†spotlight ! What if we tell you we can recycle your university papers… We will bring your paper into life and give it the chance to blossom in the world. It is our job to help you throughout this journey.

Of course one article can be included in several categories.


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Tone is everything! Your tone should be accessible, inspiring, informative, educational, and generally positive. We tend to not have a harsh social position in our articles in order to not attack any social or religious groups: Respect is our mantra.

Please note that our goal is to create a positive online community in which we facilitate each other go through hard times.  Help our readers grow and feel inspired. Be the change you wish to see in this world!

TO SUBMIT, email us at papers@mysocialinterests.ca

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  • You can simply send us your university papers¬†as an attachment¬†by email in a Word format.
  • If you are about to create a new post please send us a description of what you would like to talk about and we will work through it together ūüôā ¬†Send this within the body of an email.
  • Any relevant images for your post. Please note that we prefer large¬†landscape format. Pictures can be taken from Google (Large Landscape) but please keep the link of the referred website. Credits must be given if the picture is not your own. ¬†
  • Your bio (80 words or less) with links to your website if you wish, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages, in brackets: [http://facebook.com/mysocialinterests].
  • A¬†head shot¬†or photo of you¬†to use for your bio. Be cool !


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See the following examples of style we are looking for. Thanks!

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