Do You Need a Podcast?

Podcasting is becoming a popular medium of information and story-telling. This is a good way to engage the audience that does not have time to read blogs or watch YouTube videos.

Do you know that by 2022, podcast listeners will be 20.3% of the total internet users?

Unfortunately, many businesses and brands are still unaware of the benefits of podcast. And those who know its advantages, don’t know how to start podcasting on a budget.

If you are one such person, we have listed the perks of a podcast for you. But let’s first discuss how much it is to start a podcast?

How Much Is It To Start a Podcast?

Starting a podcast on a budget is easy and you can do this for under $100. All you need is a good podcast hosting service and a quality mic to start and grow your podcast audience.

However, you will have to do podcast visibility optimization to get quick traffic.

If you want to improve the quality, get noise-canceling headphones and recording software. However, this will increase the cost of starting a podcast. You can spend more on high-quality equipment if you want to get off on the right foot.

Now let’s see how a podcast can benefit your business or personal brand.

Builds Your Brand


A podcast is the best way to reach a new audience. You can spread your message across multiple platforms where your target audience has a presence.

With podcast visibility optimization, you can quickly grow your podcast audience.

All you need to do is select engaging topics to attract your audience. You can cover new topics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep them hooked.

Creates Personal Connection

When you have a podcast channel, you can make a personal connection with the audience. Since they are listening to you, your audience will get familiarized with the voice.

Once the audience starts following you, they’ll keep coming back. This will help you to grow your podcast audience within months if not weeks.

Brings Qualified Leads

We have discussed that podcasting can create a personal connection between podcasters and the audience. But the commercial benefit of a podcast is that it brings quality leads.

You already know what type of topics your audience likes. So, you can pitch them your services or products and they’ll be happy to explore them. You’ll get more quality leads than other digital marketing channels as you grow your podcast audience.

Increases Traffic

A podcast can help you bring more traffic to your website. This will work best if you integrate both podcasting and blogging.

All you need to do is transcribe your podcast. With a little tweaking and podcast visibility optimization, you can turn it into a blog as well.

Established Brand Authority

One of the most significant benefits of starting a podcast on a budget is that it establishes your authority. When you talk about a specific topic and cover different angles of it, the audience out their interest in you.

Takeaway Words

Podcasting on a budget is easy and you can achieve your goals with podcast visibility optimization. To reach this audience, you will need a channel to grow your podcast audience. More importantly, you will have to do podcast visibility optimization.