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Blog articles. Become a wanderlust writer by benefiting from our website and marketing platforms.
Scholarly articles. Short version of your research papers


  1. News. Events and Festivals
  2. Observations. Your city and people
  3. Lifestyle. Foodgasms and health & fitness
  4. Education. History, Economy & Children
  5. Entertainment. Art, Fashion & Travel
  6. Stereotypes. Relationship, Gender & Race.

Any category must have a social aspect included

Number of words.  500 to 30000. If you have more words; we can shorten it in several articles- 
References.  Must be included whether it all come from you or someone else
Pictures.  One picture in a large and landscape format is necessary after every 2-3 paragraphs of your articles.
It could be taken from Google or any websites but keep the URLs for the picture credits.
Credits for your article. It is all yours. A profile in our digital community will be created. If you wish to not publish under your name; it will be under mysocialinterests

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