Why is an SEO audit essential for your website

If you ever want to know how good your website is performing in terms of SEO, or you want to optimize your website, then an SEO Audit is the first thing you want to start with.

An SEO audit is a comprehensive process that diagnoses your complete website for any possible errors that may slow down your website or become a potential risk to de-rank your website in the long run.

Every website optimization process starts with auditing; it consists of a series of checkups such as; identifying the issues, narrowing them down, reporting, and finally correcting them one by one.

In this article, we are going to shed light on what a comprehensive SEO audit is, and why we should do it. So, let us get started!

SEO audit is important for every website

What is involved in SEO Audit?

Since an SEO audit is a process of finding and resolving an entire website, there are so many things that you would find under the umbrella of an SEO audit. From the site content structure to keyword audit, from On-page SEO to the best user experience. Everything comes under SEO Audit.

Typically a site audit means to go over your website from top to bottom and make sure everything is working fine. It may take a while, depending upon how many things need to be fixed. You may generate the audit report quickly, but fixing those issues may definitely take some expert-level supervision, as some fixes could be about development or technical SEO. 

So, it is always advisable to take your time with an SEO audit, and never rush it. These are some of the best tools to audit your website. Some of them are paid and some are free.

why is SEO audit important? optimize your website with seo audit

SEO Audit tools:

  • SEMRush Audit
  • Google analytics
  • Search console
  • Page speed insights tool
  • Google Schema Markup up testing

What comes in an SEO audit?

  • Meta Data
  • Theme check
  • User experience
  • Content structure
  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization

Technical Audit:

  • Redirects
  • Robots.txt
  • Page speed
  • Mobile SEO
  • Off-page check
  • Duplicate content
  • Any Domain Issues
  • Canonical tags check
  • Crawl ability of pages
  • XML Sitemap submission
  • URL Structure / Permalinks

These are a few of the many aspects of a comprehensive SEO website audit.

4 ultimate advantages of SEO Audit

website growth with SEO audit

We have now seen why to perform a series of SEO audits and what is an SEO audit. Now it is time to motivate you and tell you the benefits of it. There are many advantages of performing website audits. In fact website audit is not something you do only once in a lifetime.

You keep up with it as you grow your website, your content, and your audience. There are definitely many advantages of SEO audit, and keeping your website ranking in Google’s SERP is one of them. Let us find out how an audit can help our website grow.

Number #1- Enhance your website performance

The number one and most important advantage you get is improving your website’s performance. This is a very important thing that gives you an edge to stand out from millions of websites. 

Google admits that there are 200 hundred factors to rank your website. But SEO experts believe there is even more than that. You keep improving your website as much as you can, and then you can expect to rank better. 

If your competitors are leaving something behind in SEO audit, or on-page optimization, then that would be your biggest competitive edge to outrank them. Google loves websites that provide its users with a good experience. 

You can work every day to increase the authority of your website by making it better. And that is only possible if you have your SEO audit report in your hand.

Number #2- Know your current SEO standing

With the help of an SEO audit, you know the current standing of your website and optimization status. You can also have a good understanding of which keywords are bringing you more traffic, so you can create more content on those keywords or rank separate pages.

Also, SEO audits will tell you the overall status of your website, which means you will have an exact idea about what should be your next step in improving the website.

And if you are doing it for your client, then you can easily build a strategy to fix major issues first. That way you go fast and complete most of the important work in no time.

Number #3- Avoid getting penalized by Google

Probably the best advantage of an SEO audit is to avoid getting penalized by Google. On an almost daily basis, Google has to filter out websites based on their quality. Out of those many websites even get banned due to not complying with rules, or they have so many serious SEO issues that Google’s AI bans those sites permanently. 

When you perform an SEO audit, you come across every error and problem that needs fixing. Noticing them before Google does help your website stay online, and you avoid penalties from Google or other search engines.

This is very important when your website is your source of income, and you cannot take any chances to de-rank it or get it banned permanently.

Number #4- Monitor high-value ranking keywords

Finally, SEO audits can help you monitor high-value keywords. These are the keywords your specific web pages rank for. And some of those keywords are transactional in nature, meaning these are the keywords that give you a high level of conversion rate.

Monitoring these keywords is invaluable and directly responsible for your organic growth. It is also very important to know which keywords to not rank for, so you can maintain a quality score. 

If you provide paid guitar classes, and your ranked keyword is “best SEO classes” then you may want to avoid including “Free best SEO classes”. That is because when a user comes to your website searching with the “Free” keyword, he is likely to bounce quickly as your classes are paid, and Google will have an impression that your content is not good, even though that is not the case. 

So, it is very important to exclude keywords that you don’t want to rank for. And it can be done via SEO audit. These were the major 4 benefits of SEO audit. There are many other advantages too, if you want to survive in an online business, you cannot overlook them.

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