Website Audit


Let us face it, for the most part people will judge you based on how clean your website appears to be. Trust us when we say that if your site is cluttered and hard to navigate, not only are potential customers going to think poorly of your business but also search engines may rank it lower than others in their listings because Google has always valued simplicity! Make sure your online presence shines with our digital marketing services that can help get into that coveted top three ranking position.


Product Description

If your customers and organisation digital presence is at the heart of its success, we can help articulate who you are and what you do with our website audits. We start with a browser-based analysis to identify potential security risks, website performance issues and SEO analysis which we then follow up on via email and video call. All reports are sent in the form of easy-to-read visuals to make understanding the critical findings a light process.


Attractive website design is not enough.

You also need the right keywords and SEO strategies for maximum exposure, which will help you attract potential clients that are looking specifically in your industry or niche! Let us carry out an audit of all aspects on-site performance to ensure no stone goes unturned when it comes time to compete online with other businesses vying for attention from customers they want at their company.

First impressions count and making sure your website is fully optimized can help attract potential clients.


Have you had a recent audit of the site?

If not, this SEO website audit product will be important to take in your online business growth next steps !


Do first-time visitors leave after seeing only one page on your website?

Or does scrolling yield better results than simply looking at pictures alone (not to mention reading text)? There’s no way around it: optimization matters – but how much “work” do we need/want done in order to achieve excellence within search engine rankings…and what keywords should take priority when building links from external pages with main keyword phrase being targeted by Google algorithms!? The website audit product will include the answer of these questions


What does it include?

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Current Keywords rankings
  3. Current content analysis
  4. Keyword Recommendations
  5. And personalized recommendations for your next steps with your website


How does it work?

Your business’ website will be analyzed to find out if you should invest more time and money into it. We’ll complete an in-depth website audit within 8 business days, which includes analyzing SEO strategy as well as other factors necessary for success on the internet such a content marketing plan or technical solutions.


Your purchase is worth every penny! You get our guaranteed best price because of how much value we believe this service provides – but there’s even more reason why buying from us makes sense: after purchasing your Website Audit, all new clients receive follow up assistance through phone calls; live video chat sessions .


This is the perfect audit for small businesses, no matter what their industry is.