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Summer Camp Fundraising for the Kids of Haïti

May 18, 2018

Summer camp is always a wonderful way to add a smile in children’ face. For the kids of Haïti foundation goal is to help children in underpriviledged areas in Haiti by providing school supllies, hygiene kits, dental & medical care as well as helping to keep their smile by organizing many events throughout the year.

My Social Interests Publishing house has decided to help the foundation this year by raising 1000$ for their summer camp planned fom July to August.

Children will have soccer, volleyball, swimming, dance, and acting classes. Moreover, My Social Interests Publishing House focusing on children education. During this summer camp, there will be English classes twice a week in July & August.

Summer camp classes:

  1. English
  2. Swimming
  3. Dance
  4. Acting
  5. Volleyball

Food and beverages will be provided during the summer camp period to all children.


  1. 5$ buys beverages & food for one child
  2. 15$ buys school supplies for one child
  3. 20$ buys books for one child’s English class
  4. 40$ buys swim gear (Bathing suit, towel, goggles & flip flops) for one child
  5. 60$ buys summer camp clothes & running shoes for one child (Volleyball classes)
  6. 100$ buys summer camp materials, art supplies and backpacks





The founder, Yendy Cavé, from Haïti created For the Kids of Haïti Foundation. The goal is to help orphanages in an underpriviledged area in Haiti, specifically in Croix-des-bouquets. Parties with games, music, food, drinks and gifts are organized for the kids throughout the year.


  1. Back to school to provide school supplies
  2. Occasional parties to keep the children smiling
  3. Summer camps
  4. Christmas parties

Website of the foundation


We are an authentic e-publishing house with a focus on social issues. The founder, Annick Bissainthe, also from Haïti helps charities raise money for their causes. Our goal is to assure that all the donations provided goes to the children in need. To do so, we will be including all the necessary information in our website such as videos, pictures and articles to keep you updated.

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