Google’s Advice for Surviving Algorithm Changes

In case you missed it, Google just published advice for SEOs on how to continually do well throughout their algorithm changes. Now, what most people don’t know is Google doesn’t just push out a handful of algorithm changes per year. They publish substantially

How PPC And SEO Could Work Together

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) are both essential to any effective digital marketing campaign. Yet these disciplines are too often siloed among marketing teams, completely separated from one another. This is a big mistake too many digital

The evolution of digital health technologies

*Concept could help humans live longer, healthier, more productive lives*WHO establishes technical advisory group, roster of experts on initiative*Eleven innovations that increase inclusion for people with disabilities From genomics to telemedicine to 3D bioprinting, scientists have unveiled digital technologies that

Would you define the Millennials as the generation which think outside the box?

We, the millennial generation grew up thinking that we can do anything as long as we want it, which is by far a very good thing. However, big projects like becoming a successful writer, being famous in Hollywood, discovering a

3 Facts That Technology Affected Our Social Life

With the emergence of social media and artificial intelligence, technologies are becoming slowly an important part of our life.  Technologies such as airplanes, cars, the internet and more are able to overcome the obstacles of time and space. These tools