Breast Cancer & Women Physical Confidence

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According to Canadian Cancer Society  Cancer is not just one typical word, it is a tumor that can possibly spread or metastasize to other parts of your body. As well explained, “breast cancer starts in cells that line the ducts, which are the tubes that carry milk from the glands to the nipple. This type of breast cancer is called ductal carcinoma. Cancer can also start in the cells of the lobules, which are the groups of glands that make milk. This type of cancer is called lobular carcinoma”.  There are also less common types of breast cancer such as inflammatory breast cancer, non-hodgkin lymphoma and sarcoma (See more on the Canadian Cancer Society website linked at the top)

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"I worked as a boudoir photographer for many years," Charise told BuzzFeed. One day, a man called to book a shoot for his wife. "The day of the shoot, a beautiful and vivacious 62-year-old woman showed up to my studio determined to be covered up throughout her shoot,” she recalled.Halfway through the session, the woman revealed that she was a 12-year survivor of breast cancer. "She was embarrassed about her breast, which she felt was mutilated," said Charise. "After her confession, she started exposing her 'good' breast to the camera while leaving the other one covered. She was feeling sensual and beautiful when suddenly she threw her clothes of and exclaimed 'fuck it! I'm doing this for myself!!'" The transformation was "astounding" to witness, said Charise. "It was far too cathartic and powerful and experience to ignore. I knew in my heart that I had to explore this further."

Breasts and Hair as two important women physical aspects

It is very difficult for women to keep their physical confidence while coping with breast cancer and the treatments if needed. During this process, two important physical aspects of women, socially created by men, are affected such as their breasts and their hair when doing chemotherapy. Many women have to do a mastectomy  which is the “medical term for the surgical removal of one or both breasts, partially or completely”. Moreover, when doing chemotherapy, we all know that losing hair is one side effect, as well as how it is socially important for women to have long hair.


Their sexual identity is affected

Many women cope with a low self-esteem during their sexual acts. It could be for many reasons such as having small breast, being skinny, skin problems etc…As a woman, I cannot imagine how difficult it is to think about my sexual identity after having a mastectomy. I cannot go into details as I did not live it myself but I can definitely understand the fact of being shy and not feeling yourself anymore. I am sure they put social and sexual life on hold for a few moments. Furthermore, it must not be their most important concerns at that time. Being single during this process might not be the easiest.

This is The Three Graces β€” created by three sisters who've all survived breast cancer.

Accepting your new body which does not follow social rules

I bet people are more understandable when they know that this woman has a different body or is not


“attractive” because she is affected by breast cancer but I always ask myself, why reminding them when their body already does it every day.

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It is a difficult battle for all the strong women and the families out there coping with this.

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