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They brought Italy to Griffintown : Moretti Pizzeria Opening

July 10, 2017

History of Pizza : Wood fired-brick oven

As a sociologist and passionate about culture, I could not restrain myself from reading about that wood fired- brick oven which is the first thing you see once you step in to Moretti Pizzeria. All the cooks are concentrated in what they do. Moreover, they seem to be very perfectionnists and meticulous. I was able to enjoy every little taste that I was slowly discovering while eating my pizza named ”Moretti”. It was just like a scavenger hunt by noticing small treasures with each bite taken. For instance, I found shrimps in my prosciutto and ruccola pizza which is typically Italian.

Did not expect that shrimp …

Enough with my scavenger hunt.

The wood fired-oven and pizza together have been discovered since the ancient Roman civilization. Specifically, in ancient Pompeii (City of Naples or Napoli in Italian) the brick ovens were built in different shapes but known under the half circle one. Traditionally, kitchens pizzerias included granite counters, salad bars featuring both, hot and cold foods as well as drinks to accompany the pizza. This will supposedly make you feel like being under the sun !

Medieval brick ovens can be found throughout Europe, often with little variation from the original Roman round, domed oven chamber and front vent design.

Last Sunday evening, I enjoyed my alone time at Pizzeria Moretti located at 1059 Wellington street in Griffintown. As a young woman, I really felt welcomed as well as taking one step to Italy. Their décor including their enormous opened windows with an industrial style reminded me being on a terrasse in Napoli (Naples, Italy). Even though, I’ve never been to Italy, but like in the movies I could imagine the Italian music in my ears while eating a fresh pizza from the wood fired-brick- oven. However, the only cliché which did not work as in the movies was the fact of eating alone…BUT That ”MORETTI” PIZZA I chose fixed everything !


It was packed for a Sunday evening and what I loved the most were these enormous opened windows which carried the fresh wind into the restaurant. There is also a very nice private room convenient for birthdays or exclusive events…

This last Sunday, there was a birthday party in that private room.

Below is a picture of myself with the birthday boy !

Not even half of the Staff & myself

I would never have forgotten about the baddest selfie of the night with a few members of the staff after drinking maybe two glasses of wine. They were so busy that I could not get hold of them all !

I am planning my next dinner this week-end with friends this time. Hopefully, we will meet up there so we could try plenty of their other dishes !

So much more then pizzas to discover in Italian cuisine …

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