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We are sharing with you the tools & resources.

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur progressing into the online world, we have resources to help you out.

Entrepreneur Must Have

Let us tell you that having a great webcam will upgrade your video conference & make you look very professional during your meetings. The Dry eraser calendar is to manage your ideas you have every two seconds, you can write your to dos quickly by just going on your fridge. Now, the anti-theft bag is for when you do your business travel.

Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam

Webcam Logitech

Dry Erase Calendar Magnetic Board - Monthly Planner

Dry Erase Calendar


Anti-Theft Backpack

What make a good daily resource for you?

There are different resources, from human, physical, financial & intellectual resources. We might often focus on the financial ones when we need to be comfortable first & start our business with enough material to grow it. We don’t need to wait until we are rich to start being comfortable.

Small Daily Comfort

We use the electric coffee warmer not only to not use the microwave all the time in the day because you know when you are very focused you coffee or tea gets cold after being forgotten. The clothes steamer! When you have to do reels and prepare different clothes to make it look like it was on different days, the clothes steamer is your friend. Then,the wireless charger dock is for all your gadgets, from earbuds to cellphones, to charge in one place.

Best electric coffee warmer

Electric Coffee Warmer

Clothes Steamer

6 in 1 fast charging station dock

Wireless Charger Station Dock

We will provide you our must have tools for beginner podcaster

We understand the struggle to start your business with not much income. We went from side hustle to a business and let us tell you; it has not been easy. Before we understood that we had enough in us to start & we simply needed a few resources, our mindset completely changed.

Low Investment Tool

With your podcast you can start with just your microphone!

Blue Yeti Microphone

The Yeti is the most advanced and versatile multi-pattern USB microphone available anywhere.

vocal microphone package

Condenser microphone with USB output for digital recording

start getting visible for your business with a podcast

This FREE guide reveals our 4 steps to build your podcast audience in order to convert them into clients

Immigrant Dilemma: A Podcast by My Social Interests

The goal is to talk about all the reasons why immigrants come to a new country and understand better their integration and fears.

Our Fave Leadership Books

We think these books are a must have for entrepreneurs and especially, for women. It is important for us to believe that we can lead, also, that we can be intelligent investors. Today, we are aiming to get our financial freedom.

Dare to

The Intelligent

The Black Girl's Guide to Financial Freedom

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