Tyranny of the clock in the human lives

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The clock structures the human’s life and obliges them to do everything in a certain amount of time (Woodcock 101). Time tends to dictate and inhibit man’s actions. For instance, ” Time as duration became disregarded, and men began to talk and think always of ‘lengths’ of time” ( Woodcock 101).

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The clocks obtained in the sixteenth century, help the capitalism grew and take advantage of the industrial revolution because it establishes a huge domination over the society. In fact, the medieval Europe invented the clock which got destroyed in the middle age because it was the closest social approximation in the factories at this period.  The clock also brings out social inequalities, rich versus poor, and attained a public importance. Now time became money. For example, “[…] punctuality was held up as the greatest of the virtues” ( Woodcock 101).  

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Time brought out the stain of having to work with a time schedule and that idea contributes to digestive and nervous disorders, to ruin health and shorten the life of the human. In addition, those who fail to conform to the structure of life created by the clock are marginalized, punished or not rewarded. This last point leads to true alienation in the Marxist sense where we can agree that the clock dominates the man.

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