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What is SEO and why do a website audit? Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website’s performance and ranking in search engine results pages. 

An SEO audit is an analysis that an SEO expert, like MSI Digital team, will use to evaluate the health of your website, the actions that have been taken previously and their positive or negative consequences.

SEO website audits are critical for your business’s success if you operate online because it is crucial for your business to attract customers through online search. Find out how SEO website audits can help your business.

What Is Website Audit?​

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website’s SEO performance.

It helps businesses identify areas of improvement and provides actionable insights to increase visibility and organic traffic to their website, and ultimately improve their online business performance.

For businesses that are just starting out, conducting an SEO audit is especially important. It can help them identify areas where they need to focus their efforts and allocate their resources more effectively.

For example, an SEO audit may reveal that a website has technical issues that are preventing it from ranking well in search engine results pages.

In this case, the business may need to invest in technical improvements to their website infrastructure to improve their SEO performance.

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As a top SEO agency based in Montreal, MSI Digital aims to help online entrepreneurs in Canada and the United States with their online businesses. 

Implementing fast growth opportunities with the power of websites by increasing sales, website visits and ranking via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what we do at MSI Digital. 

We provide a range of services for our clients, including website and SEO auditsWhat you will find in our SEO packages:

  • Keyword research & strategy
  • Link Building
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • E-commerce SEO

The advantages of hiring MSI Digital

Expertise: MSI Digital has a team of experienced SEO professionals with the skills and knowledge to conduct a thorough website audit.

Comprehensive Analysis: MSI Digital’s website audit provides a comprehensive analysis of a website’s current SEO performance, including technical issues, content optimization, backlinks, and more.

Actionable Insights: MSI Digital’s website audit provides actionable insights and recommendations to help businesses improve their SEO performance and achieve their online goals.

Cost-Effective: Hiring MSI Digital for a website audit can be a cost-effective way for businesses to identify areas for improvement and optimize their website for search engines..


Among the thousands of criteria considered by Google to estimate the degree of relevance of websites on a given query, geolocation is an important criterion for your visibility. 

Geolocation referencing is above all a powerful visibility lever that can be used to market your product outside of your local market. 

It should also be noted that Google is able to differentiate between a general query such as video games and a local query such as video games San Francisco.

This is particularly important if you are looking for new markets.


Along with geolocation, technical elements specific to the site, such as the quality of the code, the weight and loading speed of a page, the site map and the structure of the site are analyzed:

On-page or on-site optimization: this is the set of techniques aimed at improving the quality of the content of a page or a site, such as the organization of information, the quality of editorial content or internal linking. 

Off-site optimization: this element concerns everything related to the environment of a site, and particularly external links (net linking), both in terms of origin and the quality of anchors, for example.

Entrusting this task to a SEO expert ensures positive results without wasting time. MSI Digital will conduct a professional SEO website audit and identify any potential problems which are negatively affecting your rankings and may be costing you money. 

We will also identify any opportunities for improvement and how to maximize those opportunities.  

MSI Digital will complete an in-depth website audit within 8 business days, which includes analyzing SEO strategy as well as other factors necessary for success on the internet such a content marketing plan or technical solutions.

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MSI Digital values the fresh ideas, and passion that startups bring to the business world. By supporting startups, we create an environment that encourages working together, sharing knowledge, and constantly learning.

This helps us push the limits of technology, business approaches, and industry innovation, leading to exciting breakthroughs and advancements. We are committed to every step of the way, ensuring startups have the best chance at success.

Startups signify a stage where generating a stable revenue stream is yet to be achieved. This phase requires focused efforts on business development, market penetration, and revenue generation strategies to establish a profitable business .

What's Included?

Everything below
  • SEO Health Check
  • Technical SEO list of tasks
  • Content Blueprint for all industries
  • Backlink Verification tasks list
  • 30 mn coaching support call

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$140/MO x3

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"She asked me great questions and provided solutions to exact issues I was having. I was able to expand my business and to reach more prospects with her strategy. MSI digital is the perfect solution for you if you’re looking to do be easily found on Google search, to know exact keywords and what content to use on your website."
Benas Passilis
Online Business Owner
"They did a total review of my website and made it up to date to serve the purpose of my coaching business. They worked on my sales pages and my SEO with great professionalism. I totally recommend their services to any business owner and I plan to continue working with them on my other digital projects."​​
Régine Coicou​​
Love Coach

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