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A Wednesday at the museum – Expo 67

September 27, 2017


As I grow up, I have the tendency of wanting to have a nice and relax evening. Few Wednesdays ago, I went to McCord museum to see their Expo 67 during their event. I enjoyed talking to people who were very friendly. Let’s not forget that it was Wednesday !

The Expo 67 is to demonstrate Fashion for men and women in the 60s. The exposition was mostly showing fashion from a North American & European point of view. However, below I found that one picture I was waiting for !


I could not stop myself from taking this picture. Almost everywhere I go, especially in museums, even in Europe, I went to Amsterdam and there was that same issue… The lack of diversity ! When I saw this picture with an Black woman wearing a traditional African dress, I finally told myself, there is hope!


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