What Influences Our Happiness The Most?


We live in a society in which we have the pressure to find our happiness.

Our happiness depends a lot on our next move.

In our consuming society we believe that materialistic things have the power to make us joyful.  We understand that our next purchase of car and condo or our next high paid job will make us happier than ever. I am sure I have no doubt all these could help but we all know how wealthy people could be the miserable ones.

We want to fill in this whole we have inside of us. We either do it by getting into different relationships in which we make others be responsible of our own happiness or we go back to the ones who once made us happy while forgetting why we have grown apart.

We each have our own way to fill in this emptiness.

Our society is involving and competition is getting tougher, not easier, sadly. We have the pressure to be perfect, better and stronger. For instance, we can have the pressure of adding as much as education degree in our resume because we believe it would help us stay in the marketplace game.

I am not acknowledging the fact that getting more knowledge is not a good idea but we have to understand what our main reason is.

Moreover, our personal freedom is challenged with many issues we face every day in our society. We fear to lose our current social position while also fearing of not being able to live up to the new social position needs we desire.

Based on my experiences, these are what I found helped me:

1.Do random act of kindness

Through my blog, I have had the chance to do so many random acts of kindness. People have actually judged me a lot by asking me why I would do this and what I am gaining from this.

Well, I am being responsible of my happiness.

I am not talking about pity or the fact of wanting to feel superior. I am simply talking about doing pure gestures which definitely remind me of the good person I am.

People can be good if we give them the chance too. Some, like me, go find opportunities to be good or others wait for it.

2.Get physical

I am an athlete at heart.

I used to dance, swim, work-out and do kickboxing as well as many other aerobics classes.

It’s great to always be physical but work on your mindset as well. Be aware why do you challenge yourself through physical activities and understand that complications might happen.

It’s life.

We can try again.

I am open to try out new physical activities.

3.Create a journal

Three years ago, I would never consider myself a writer at all. Then, surprisingly today I can say that I find my happiness into my words. It makes me even happier to publish my work when I know it can help others go through whatever similar events in their life.

I now read much more than before and I find myself hiding for peace.

4.Check your thoughts

I keep trying every single day to understand how I perceive my environment.

You know what they say; you cannot surround yourself with negative people and expect to be positive. Obviously, I had some work to do to change my thoughts on my own. For example, in case of panic attack, I try to assure myself that everything is going to be just alright.

5.Make your life simple

I complicated my life for the past few years by wanting everything to go 100% my way. Happily, this is not the case anymore.

Whatever happens. God wanted it.

That is my mantra.

I struggled to accept as true that my choices were okay.

Yes, they are.


I wanted someone important to approve my choices.

I should have not looked for this.

Because I am my own captain.

I am welcoming my minimalistic life with people who deserve to be in my life and keeping things I really need.


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