What is Google Algorithm? How they affect our rankings

We all use Google’s search engine, it is popular and offers quite better results. If you have been using Google for a while now, then you must be familiar with its pattern. 

Some websites show in the featured snippets while other websites just secure their position on the first page. But have you ever thought about what keeps those websites on featured snippets, or even on the first page of Google? The answer is the Google algorithm.

You can consider the Google algorithm as a Math formula or an equation to determine the quality of a web page. If the criterion is met, it basically qualifies the set standard or rule. Let us talk about the Google algorithm.

Google algorithm

What are Google algorithms?

Google algorithms are just set standards or rules, you can also consider them as solutions to solve complex problems, just like in Math. 

These set rules define the quality of a website, hence making it clear whether it should be ranking or not, and if it should be ranking then what position it should be on Google’s SERP.

Google checks both relevance and quality, even if one thing lacks, your web page can de-rank or may not rank higher. 

Until now there have been many Google updates and new algorithms, all dedicated to checking the quality of web pages, so users can be more comfortable with Google’s search engine.

How to outsmart Google’s algorithm?

Just by optimizing your web pages, you can increase your chances of being ranked. These are some important things you should do;

  • Interlinking
  • Do proper keyword research
  • Keywords should appear in your page title
  • A good performing website on mobile devices
  • Meta description, title, and tags should have keywords
Google's algorithm for ranking

A search algorithm defines what result should be presented when some user searches for something. If someone is typing “best laptop for work” then results might be showing him both the informational content and e-commerce website that might help him compare or see the specifications of the laptop.

In search algorithms, it is very important that websites are optimized on the right keyword which means the intention of the keyword on your website should be relevant to what the user is searching for. The more relevant content you have, the more chances are Google will show it against that keyword, but vice versa if your content is not relevant.

Certainly, people would be more interested in your content if you can manage to match their intention with the content you have. Otherwise, they will just bounce back from your website to another, which will decrease your website quality score.

Google also lets people choose the closest result by giving them a drop-down menu when they search for something on Google; this also indicates how precise Google’s search algorithm is.

What is a Google algorithm for SEO?

Google's ranking

Google’s algorithm affects SEO rankings, each and everything we do on our website has a direct or indirect effect. And if we want to know how that would affect our website, we should be acquainted with the Google algorithm.

Unlike Google’s search algorithm, algorithms for SEO work in a different way. They determine the quality of our content, the quality of the website, how optimized it is and many things like that. 

There are around 200 known ranking factors, and some experts say that there could be even more than that. And all of those factors use algorithms to determine whether we are using them right or not. If you want to get hold of Google’s algorithm then you should start reading about Google’s updates, and also you should be very good at SEO.

If you cannot do SEO on your own, then do not try anything which could go against Google’s terms to avoid getting blacklisted. Instead, you should take help from a trusted SEO agency. 

You can find SEO services in Vancouver, but there is no guaranteed SEO that would show results overnight. It is about building your empire that takes time and effort, but once built, it is yours and worth it!

Some Google updates:

  • Fred
  • Vince
  • Panda
  • Jagger
  • Pigeon
  • Florida
  • Penguin
  • Payday
  • Caffeine
  • Big Daddy
  • Rank Brain
  • Hummingbird
  • Venice Update
  • MobileGeddon
  • Quality Updates
  • Freshness Algorithm
  • Page Layout Algorithm
  • EMD- Exact Match Domain

These are some very important Google updates, each one backed up with a complex algorithm to improve the quality of the website and user experience. Whether you are a writer, or an SEO person, knowing these algorithms is mandatory.

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If you want to be successful with SEO then getting to know Google’s updates and algorithm should be important to you. Keep an eye on Google’s updates and how Google penalizes websites. 

Also, read about all previous Google updates to know how they work. Only seeing history can clear your vision about the future of Google algorithms change and update.