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Teaching you how to grow your online business with the power of websites as a sales platform & SEO

An online business is not built on good marketing alone. The foundation of any successful online business starts with a great product or service and ends at an easy to navigate website that gives customers what they want in the form of high quality lifestyle products or catalog photos for inspiration from all around your house and a great service they need !

The first step to launching a successful campaign is having an idea. The second crucial factor that impacts the success of your marketing strategy, and ultimately what you want people will see on social media-is content creation A well thought out pitch deck ensures investors know exactly where they can find information about their business from which perspectives it has been created; this includes both graphics as well oral presentations with concise descriptions behind each slide."

Targeting your perfect audience is key to getting them on board with what you have. Find out who they are and find a way for that specific group of people, not just anyone will see this ad!

Hey! I am Annick

When I finished my Bachelor degree in Sociology and Law & Society, I wanted to become a lawyer; it was my dream. The dream they taught me to have. I worked in a law firm as a document specialist before going into Law as a second degree. It was brilliant to work in the field before going into the program because I ended up being miserable. It might have been the wrong office, not the right fit with the team or the position, however, one thing was for sure, I wanted nothing to do with it anymore. I cried every morning in front of my computer around the end of my first year work experience. I saved enough money and quit without knowing what I will do but wanting to stop this daily pain.

My generation has one foot in the old mentality regarding work as a secure cash flow and one foot in the new mentality where we think we should want to wake up happy to go do the work we love.. I did 1 year and a half back to school by getting into any program I could get into just to have a student status. I took loans and did my best to own my truth until I found the DIGITAL WORLD. More precisely, I found SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization since 2014.

Starting an online business the right way...

Find your business idea

It’s about finding your right product or service you can sell easily to others.

Step 1

Conduct market research

Determine the market viability and understand your potential customers.

Step 2

Analyse your competitors

What makes you different than the others in the industry you have chosen

Step 3

Create, set up and launch your website

Get to know if you are tech savvy or not in order to choose the right website platform and work with the best expert.

Step 4

Drive traffic to your website using SEO

No need to pay for ads yet. No budget for ads? Not a problem.

Step 5

Measure your success

Avoid anxiety and entrepreneur depression by measuring and tracking your website & business data.

Step 6

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