Why did I start blogging on Social Issues?


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You know what they say… find a job you like and you will never work a day of your life. So far, I do not remember the last time I worked 😛

I wanted to have a unique style and a particular way of expressing important social issues in our life. With my sociology background as well as my passion for analysis and research, I could not stop myself to write about causes I care.

Which causes am I more concerned to ?

I care about racial and gender issues. I am sure you would wonder why! I mean it is pretty obvious I can relate to both. However, I am not saying that I would not be concerned to our environmental issues, for instance, because everyone should be. Anyways, we just have that tendency of wanting to relate our identity to something. This is my way of bonding to my world since I do not really have that much opportunity to do it ! It’s a connection…

Am I willing to connect with others who care about the same causes as me ?

Of course ! I go to many conferences & 4a7 for women in general. I hear different stories of women from any backgrounds.

What do I mean by being connected to race & gender issues?

As a sociologist, what I mean is the fact of understanding several interactions between distinct races & genders. Besides, it is very essential to have the ability to understand from different perspectives.

Is my goal to portray a feminist blog?

No, not at all. I named the blog MY Social Interests. It means that any writer or contributor will talk about THEIR social issues. I want to understand our North American society by comparing it to other ones. It was well expressed in my article Monogamy vs Polygamy in which I tried to determine several facets a marriage could have.

I am also obsessed with entertainment. Anything on night-life and Fashion, but I always find a way to analyze it. I wrote the following article, Searching your identity in nightclubs in which we can realize that our choices are affected by our culture and we create our society. There is also another article on Fashion from the Victorian age to the Sixties The main goal of the article was to portray how fashion was not about expressing individual’ identity like it started since the 70s but a matter of portraying a general group culture for fashion based on your gender.

THE article I wrote in which you clearly come to know my interest for race & gender is Advertisements Influence On The Body In The Sports Industry where you find out how you are treated and seen differently based on those two aspects.

I am definetly not forgetting our wonderful Montreal ! We are starting our new category, MTL & Around the world. I am currently reading and researching on Quebec society history in order to comprehend its beauty of today.  Our Foodgasm category it’s on its way and it will be very unique.

What would be the goal?

This blog is also about educating people on history that we mostly do not know or remember. I do a lot of research through online scientific articles or I sleep at the library sometimes!  I wrote on the History of Rock & Roll music  in which we can comprehend the beginning of Rock & Roll music as a movement that spread internationally later on. I also documented on the History of Hip-Hop music which illustrates an international movement as well.

Let’s not forget about movie analysis. One contributor, Natasha, wrote on Gender Roles, State Corruption & Violence expressed in the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” I examine my favorite old movie, yes I am a bit retro, the 1922 version of the Great Gatsby

The best for last, another contributor, Niki, wrote on her immigrant experience in Canada

To conclude, we are willing to promote students intellectual growth by publishing their university papers. We can promote students start-up business & NPO’s if you wish to do the extra mile by creating an organization for the causes you care <3 

All this to say that we want to help many people obtain the opportunity to connect to a cause just like we do.

Your Causes|Your Stories|Your Social Interests|Your Blog|Because #WeCare|

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