Your life is bigger than just one experience


Credits: ModernAgesSpirituality

It took me time to understand that we can be so focused on one bad experience we have had in our past. When we think this way, we have the tendency of always making bad choices in our life. Our vision keeps being negative and inside of us is full of angriness. Therefore, breaking this continuous negative process could be our only hope.

The real question is how do we do this? It will be very smart to mention that listening and learning from others could make our journey easier. However, if we are doing so, we shall not ever forget that, in the end, the only person who knows best about our dreams and happiness is ourself. Finding our happiness, looking for it and daring to begin must be our mantras. Starting now, where we are, while stressing will simply force us to thank ourself for at least trying out.

After all, we have that tendency of being scared of trying out in order to not waste our time, which can be an excuse, when things don’t go our way. Can we blame ourself for this ? Because time is very expensive since we cannot buy it. From someone who has taken now four years to heal from a very bad ending relationship, not because I was with just the wrong person, we simply did not take the risk of running after what we really want. I have to say that the first person who taught me to go after what makes me happy is my ex-boyfriend by agreeing to, leave, simply because he knew he was unhappy. You could understand how this makes me feel, knowing that I was not someone’ happiness, someone I loved, once.  Consequently, I couldn’t define my happiness to another relationship. I couldn’t take the risk of not being someone else happiness, not even mine.

I couldn’t give the key to my happiness to another person. I needed to be happy with myself, the constant person I am with more than 24 hours per day. I did not want to be happy in just, another, love, because, it would have been amazing or hurtful instead. Those are the experiences we cannot control. But, what was for sure is, my life was bigger than this just one experience. Will I thank myself later? Yes, I am already thanking myself today. My failures will never ever define who I am again. I will learn from my mistakes instead. I will try to only keep asking, what will be my next right move. One thing my best friend told me after my break-up, life goes on…